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The Long Anticipated Start... of the Redditland, Babylon Singualarity

Posted by2 days ago

The Long Anticipated Start... of the Redditland, Babylon Singualarity

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"it starts with one thing ... and I don't know why ..."

This is the first "True Trine Anchor Strand" ... at least pretty much that. It's a link between a few of the pieces of a puzzle that are the beginning of an information revolution; which is a large anchor and step forward in the process of a self-governance revolution started long before either I or you were born.

This thing we are building is the culmination of the circles of the sons; or suns--and soon .. I hope sooner rather than later; we will see the fruit of our labors congeal into something far greater than anyone had ever thought could "start" in a place like ... "west world."

I've connected here,, our and and ... and; which some commentary on what a PITA that really is to do. I think this special kind of "multi-anchor-thing" is going to be prototypical of something like a "simultaneous many thought" ...

It's a little late, not very poetic; and I don't have a dollar to offer for the best comment--at least not right at this moment.



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2 points · 2 days ago

Simultaneously, many thought the world around them was closer to a videogame then it was thought.

They each had written a story based on a videogame or fictional setting that turned into spirituality.

Each tended to be wise in some philosophy unheard of and all arrived on the planet at once unrelated.

Some even found each other in their stories and others met online at passing times and moments.

Concerned, my own reflected the fear that their was no explanation for why so many answers came about.

This lacked the key of how we make discoveries, especially in an online world, where monopoly forms based on idea produced.

So I did find what I was looking for myself, it built technology and what I fear is what I know the rest I met were capable of unrelated to me, in theirs.

But farther their are some who come as wolf in sheeps clothing, so the people can be fooled into something insidious.

Like a fellow trying to bring happiness in death, so named his reddit deadend in another language, then deleted all the info for his followers, who he was as the skeleton magically attacking to cause suicide.

None the less that is what I found on reddit oneday, as I went back to check his seeming sketchy vibe.

But the thing that happens is that any number of people could develop concepts unrelated that could add more to the present as it is, but also as the coronavirus more in risk and reward.

So the average did make a philosophy, but then again I made a philosophy on discovery, so I am mostly a wolf that is a sheep dog. Alas, the matter of my practice is certainly one kept secret to itself.

As I have now only begun removing its leaks into the internet in my methods, as they were not before.

So some may find the leaks to have crossed on to other people in echoes that bring further some.

That to ensure balance over polarity of what I have already done, since I let out a meme cascading sound. It echoes a ripple into the polar scenery.

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2 points · 2 days ago


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Original Poster0 points · 2 days ago

I like it, thank you. I added some comments in the "no comment zone."

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