Easter Island is a joke.  It's a "matrix" and Windows 95 mashup... The hidden afikomen of Easter is proof creation is "computer-like."  It's a light link, like many others that join the "software world" filled with pertinent Biblical connections (Ellison, Gate, Bezos...wake up the names are all Biblical) to "a Biblical creation" the "Easter Eggs" are Biblical ideas informatively jumping off the pages of the book into our Abiblical world.  A number of these exist, today I am going to share a few examples with you and ask for your help in finding more.  finding them is a key to lighting the messages of the Bible, as Sam Beckett would do "setting right what was wrong on purpose"  in the book.  I have a number of "private keys,"links where some of these eggs and my personal life join together to clarify a story, reveal hidden information, and show that both Adam and religion serve an informative purpose of reflecting and highlighting important points of creation.  Both myself, and Christianity in particular, are a sort of guide and walk through of the Apocalypse... a Zaggat for creation.


Many of these "abiblical highlights" also bring common idioms poignantly into view... one that comes to mind is "don't shoot the messenger" and Jesus Christ (maybe a Jovovich/this Element/Jean D'Arc hotness comment is appropriate), and the eponymous author with "no man is an island." Lonely as Esau must be in his kingdom of one, the "New American Standard" here is a second "Easter Island Egg" just off NASsau, on an island called Paradise is a Temple... I mean hotel called Atlantis built by a man named Solomon K.  Whether this hotel popped out of a biblical Solomon's Temple or the record in the Bible (and Jerusalem) is a sort of micro world representation is a matter of perspective in my view, both are the work of "creation," simultaneous in an alinear way (sure the hotel was built after the book, but... what about the etymology of Nassau, the history of the idiom, creation is intricate) more to the point, both are telling us a "hidden something" -- both are metaphors for a heavenly kingdom.  Woven into the works of religion and Eden itself is a sort of syslog for all of creation, the heavens, our history, all hidden in plain sight.  To fly off on a wild tangent "Solomon" links to "Mormon" the morning after the 7 days of creation -- the day of God sacrificial fire -- hey Shavout is a Monday this year -- Han Solo to the free masons, you might be creations record of sim-earth like builders of heaven asking when Solomon was 'Solo?" Our walk through records a number of "exit strategies" for creation, one is heaven... Dave Matthews' "big door in the sky" and one is Mars, lit by Phillip K Dick's Total Recall, the Spin Doctor's Prince of Rocket, and a red iron covered learning experience.  Negative energy an terraforming aside.. sorry I am rusty at being apocalyptic... and skinny dipping in a pool in a Hollywood basement.

Neither "on earth" nor in the "heavens" we now find that the biblical heaven is all around us... " neither here nor there," an idiom now dancing with"heaven is a place on earth" and the maloviously illogical name "heaven" for a place we'd probably like to be a space like home. 

So, if my memory serves me correctly "Solomon's Temple" was destroyed twice, nearly rebuilt by Julian and now the site houses the "Do me of the Rock" buy Eden is a rockin' place.  All night I partied, the day I figured out this might have something to do with God and the Big Bang.  Taylor? Nanna? Janet? Mommy wow, I'm a big kid now.  That's "For Non-Blonds" for a good count on Eve's five.

Have I mentioned,"I'm Single." ADonIS is Adam Marshall Dobrin | Facebook 


Back to my personal life, paralleling the history of heaven in "Solomon's Temple" I have in my lifetime taken three iconic trips to the Ba ha mas (look: father and son (see Horus and Isaac), and Christmas) once as a small child, with my mother Melissa Eve, my father Ivan, and my brother Seth... before Atlantis was built.  Once as a secret honeymoon with my ex wife Nanna Rose whose name resembles Inanna and face resembles Mary... and once in 2013 at "the beginning" of "my Apocalypse..." during Junkanoo, I mean Christmas, wait... it was Easter 2014... I mean Passover.  Now might be a good time to wonder aloud, why it is that nobody seems to connect Samael's Plague of Killing the First Born with God's retribution for the killing of his baby Christ.  We seem to miss obvious clues like the linking of 4-d time travel to 40 years in the desert expanding from 40 days at sea... it's like a wilderness of not realizing God is saving us from erasing Marty McFly's parents marriage.  There are many other links, like the Apple of Eden and the Honies of America reminding us of a traditional Passover Dish... Ha'Rose-ettes.  It might surprise you, that when the Doors stopped singing "Riders on the Storm" and the Plague of Darkness is finally lifted... we will finally see Morisson rising... the very first sonrise.

And the parallel of the three trips and three temples, we hear in our "aperfect creation" have the number 3 -ish Atlantii:  One in Reno, Nassau, and now in Dubai.  Symbolism here might reference wars or separation... something like the Crusades... or the walls of Jericho... Creation might be telling us... that perspective on time and communication might cue the question "when a tree pauses, in a decision forest... does it build a hotel or pyramid in syslog Eden?" 

If you are still reading, I'd appreciate if you would share this post on every social media you can.  It is something like a sermon, from the man who unsealed Exodus as a latter day guide to averting Darth Vader, slavery and the Hidden Empire that demolished Rome ad'eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun - GitBook (read, I'm Moses, Messiah of sea to shinning sea) and now continue with a "new test...meant walk through" of creation, and salvation in Jesus' likeness.  On the other hand, I have 7 Golden Lamp Stands linking to Exodus an unsealing of Revelation at my blog Creation, Reaction, Cosplay... Koran 

Moving on, we have a Tower of Babel popping out of the ground and leaning  in Pisa  pointing up and forward, to Heaven and the future, like the signs of Mars and Sagittarius... the key to a holy name, a Fischer King, and Hooty and the Blowfish here our literary transition from the bible to Eden hits the ships computer's universal translator on Star Trek and Bing translate at roughly the same time. It's probably worth noting that a significant portion of the proof of creation that is the Apocalypse of Adam, deals with language being truly gifted by Prometheus... proven in large part through anachronistic biblical references between English and Hebrew.  The fact that Judaism contains hidden references to the life of Christ from the hair of Samson, and the "Ha" of Horus, Isaac and Abraham, is intentional and enlightening.  Two more examples for good measure, to satisfy that "hunger for the great light" that might be good and right even after time, or might transition from Genesis to Revelation as if from sea to shinning sea...a link to the sparkling sea of Dave Matthews' Christmas song, and Seth, Eve, and Adam in Eden's Sea of Three apocalypticly showing that all holy water is people... all the way to the multitude of Revelation. 

Add in the Egyptian Plague of Water to Blood, and Eden's family might clue us in to the Holy Grail of Revelation:  That the heart of God's spirit, Shekinah... is kin... superimposed with Allah... that's the "All Humanity" of Revelation's multitude and the eveRYone of Eden.  Eve is "our why" humanity is one big family... and this is one apocalyptic shedding of God's graceful light.

From Adam Christ to all of humanity, God speaks to me, I am a living key to salvation... today I fight imprisonment by a government who assuredly knows who I am... face hampered communication, and now disappearing web sites...because of a war on social self destruction, being waged against the status quo by God himself.  The final example is to point out the naming of a Genesis like animal called Carnivore that might represent a censor wall here in America,  that links directly to the Great Wall of China, the Wailing Wall, and the Berlin Wall.  Hear the lion of Judah roar this is the wall of Jericho and I will bring it to its knees.  Censorship and slavery will be destroyed by God, we will be delivered from Evil, and the Shofar sounds S0nrise tonight.  God is laying down the law for Shavuot, this year.

So Taylor, what do you get when you intersect Philip K Dick, John Hancock, Yankee Doodle, and the Pretty Reckless logo with the Washington Monument, the Statue of David and Adam in Eden?

Remember, God is waging a war on the status quo.  I am his tool.