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If you MUST leave your home for supplies, please be courteous and wear an eccentric outfit to signal which genre of apocalyptic character you are:

- opulent slum queen
- cyberpunk biker
- an old man known only as "Doc"
- jumpsuited drone
- earth tones, with a vest

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What a damning indictment of Fox News from the Post video team here.

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Buffalo Police Request Reinforcements Until Elderly-Man Rampages Fully Contained bit.ly/3dEwKJL

i'd do you too, bill

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😳🤔 I’d do me! 😝😘

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Today reminds us that progress might be slow. It might take decades. But no matter what things might look like today, it’s always possible. Happy Pride month, everybody.

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Covid-19 is getting updates:

Covid-S20, Covid Max, Covid 4K, expansions and new maps are coming soon

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Do you think horoscopes mean anything or are you sane?

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@Jim_Jordan@twitter.com You're the Great White Dope.

says lady justice to the pinata--"airs of the aura of the Slayer of electorism all around the world"

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Make me a promise? Don’t look at the polls. Don’t believe the polls. We’ve got to make this election and the only way to do that is to think we are coming from behind.

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Your reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war.

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My message is the product ✍️🏽.

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@mjasay@twitter.com A few gems - @IPFS@twitter.com, @libp2p@twitter.com, @textileio@twitter.com, @trufflesuite@twitter.com, @Filecoin@twitter.com

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@OfHella@twitter.com "I'm a great listener" is my next tramp stamp


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@PobudkiewiczP@twitter.com @kieferrick@twitter.com @Dcembrrr@twitter.com @jewish_activist@twitter.com arguably those conscripted into the military are also prisoners just following orders.

I guess you draw the line at "nationality" or "within Milosevic's borders"

I don't think ... we should allow ... things like genocide or systemic inequality or systemic brutality anywhere ev

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I'm a great listener unless you're hot.

well "he's not camera shy" they said as I took several intake photos--candid and trying to act--as I walked into the place I just left, called @cleanrecovery@twitter.com (nice facility, in New Port Ritchie) ... Nor it appears am I so "socially shy" even with the pre… instagr.am/p/CBbCASlHEka/

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